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عکس مدافع حرم که ثبت جهانی شد

عکس مدافع حرم که ثبت جهانی شد

Shahid Seyed Ehsan Haji Hatmloo is a militant of Iranian Army who was martyred when he was fighting with Takfiri groups in Aleppo, Syria. This is his last image taken when was being interred.photographer: Reza Vahmi ,( International editor from the French Supreme University of Arts in the Middle East )Notes:Muslims have undertaken to fight with Takfiri groups aimed at defending the Islam religion and their religious, sacred places. Islamic Republic of Iran plays a large-scale role in the developments…
هیئت مکتب العباس(ع)خمینی شهر

امروز : جمعه 13 تیر 1399

خانه انجمن ورود ثبت نام آرشیو آپلود تماس با ما طراح قالب